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  1. Grosse Pointe Blank. If you haven't seen it, go watch it now. I'll wait. Anything with kielbasa in it. Maybe that makes it more of a stew, I dunno I'm not a chef. r/mechanical_gifs 100% Non-organic .gifs More shoulderpads. Duh. Also, all my puns are spur of the moment. I can't do them on porpoise. (teheehee)
  2. Once I get all my characters to level 30 (finishing with my Titan now) I'll probably get Forsaken. I still can't decide if I should spring for the annual pass for the extra $30 or go all in for the Digital Deluxe...any opinion there? For hobbies, I like to build small scale rockets. Nothing huge but hopefully I can scale up soon. I have 3 dogs, they're all crazy and I love 'em all! Burritos. Absolutely. I'll accept soft shell tacos but the hard shells just make me angry, I can never eat them without slopping all over. Still waiting for Half Life 3. Just finished playing through 1 and 2 again, it's amazing how well 2 stands up to the test of time. Looks great even today, and I don't think it's all nostalgia talking there. I don't really follow sports at all, someone mentioned the Red Sox won recently and I asked "Was it a big game?" ...it was the world series.
  3. Hi there SoH, My name is Ethan, I'm 27 and I've been gaming since I could hold a joystick. Currently into Destiny 2, and if I'm in the mood for single player I'll go for some KSP. I work in IT, currently working on a project that went sideways so bad I basically have nothing to do at work other than play games while I wait for the other company to get their stuff together . I haven't gotten Forsaken yet, probably will soon if y'all decide my terrible puns are worth putting up with
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