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    Thats My daughter in that pic, BTW
  2. Hey All! Thanks for the Guild Invite! I am looking forward to learning this game and have fun with it. I generally play Warcraft and Warframe when I'm not at work or takin care of 'chores'. I want to give a big shout out to "Will" for sharing fun times in Wrath of the Lynch King in Warcraft! I have been gamming for quite some time now. Games are so much better than 8 manning a home made Doom map on a 56k baud modem over a BBS server. How time flies. When I'm not gamming I am at work in the Logistics field. I manage 14mil (and growing) worth of incoming products. Keeps me busy. I have degrees in Business and Photography, which is my other love. All in all I work, I play, I sleep. Throw in some extra curricular activities here and there makes for a full day. Living in South Carolina is home sweet home. For the most part, been there, done that, got a t-shirt AND a hat.
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