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  1. Superman Ice Cream!! Im gonna say outer space, cause i know for sure there is stuff that can eat me in the bottom on the ocean. At least in space I could act surprised if something ate me. WoW moment: Hard to say, I started playing shortly before TBC and guild bounced as I lvl'd, even running my own guild for a while. I finally settled in a guild known as "The Corrupted" on Burning Blade server. We assembled quickly and went from a fresh group of nobodies, to a well respected group for both PvE and PvP within a short time. I think overall that would be my proudest moment, Burning Blade was very, very over populated in the TBC days...common to have a que of 300+ on any given night. So yea being a part of a respected guild on an over pop'd server during what I consider to be the peak of WoW, guess that's a great memory
  2. Xotic has actually told me quite a lot about the group. I like the sound of it being more of a gaming community, and less of a single game guild. Code of conduct seems pretty straight forward, which is nice. I have joined groups before and tried to read through their CoC and found it to be more in-depth than reading the bylaws surrounding imminent domain lol. Kinda kills the mood before you really even join. I really don't play anything single player and haven't in a very long time. I have always just been more co-op and multiplayer focused. The last single player game/story that I played was Mass Effect 2. Gaming wise I was a console guy for years, but about a year ago I sold off my system and said I was going PC only, which was prolly music to Xotic's ears since I play on a tower he built. I play a fairly wide variety of games, anything from NBA 2K all the way to the 2 years I no-lifed WoW (literally used a Lazy-Boy for a PC chair so I could nap between Raids) I have played anywhere from super casual, to like i said completely no-life...have been extremely good at some and had others where i should have quit playing long before i actually did. Gaming has been a hobby for me for about 12-13 years now and for a long time it was my only hobby. About a year ago I got back into buying/selling/collecting sports cards. It's been great to have something else to sink my teeth into besides games, but damn it's expensive. Seriously it would be cheaper to start a coke habit. My gaming time varies on a weekly basis, family and work come first. The wife and kids keep me pretty busy most days. You will find I'm normally not online until after 7pm, but at my age I think my days of literally living in my games are long behind me.
  3. I was informed that I needed to do an intro here before i could join...so here we go.....im kinda old, play a lot of games (Destiny 2 currently but do still jump back to D3, WoW and am waiting for Anthem) like to have a few drinks while I play, finally gave up console gaming about a year ago, work in Recreation/Powersports sales.....and i like long walks on the beach.... Close friend of mine and member of the guild, Xotic, got me back into Destiny and I have spent the last few week trying to relearn the game before applying. I main a warlock and spend too much time doing PvP even tho I'm only average at it. So here I am....love me...or at least pretend to tolerate me.
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