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    Been a TSM fan since Worlds Season 2, so 2012? I used to play LoL but I just don't anymore. I think I only like League now as a spectator event. I can't really tolerate the game anymore. I main support. Used to main ADC. Like with PvP I tilt very easily.
  2. Artaios


    My name originally came from WoW and it's actually a shortened version than my original. It's not based off anything and it's actually a slightly embarrassing story. So when I made my first character in 2007 it was my Resto Druid. I googled 'druidic names' because I wanted to nerd out and have a lore-centric name. If I remember correctly the website I found had first and last names. So I intended for my character's name to be Artaios Niul. The problem is, and unknown to me at the time, WoW didn't let you put spaces in your name. So instead of telling me it couldn't do that it just slapped the two together and made Niul lowercase. So for the past 12 years my WoW character's name has been Artaiosniul. Hence why I go by Art. :P - I have no idea. Another pair of shoulders? A charge? - Favorite movie...oof. That's hard. Probably 300 just because it was amazing when if first came out. - Coffee or Dr. Pepper
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    - Yes I have. Only thing I can say/warn people about is I tend to be the quiet/silent type. But I'll make an active effort to be social as best I can. - I work for a company that does credit report verifications for mortgage lenders. So I basically spend my entire day on the phone talking to people (that's the main reason why I'm quiet/silent. At the end of an 8-hour day I tend to want to just curl into a ball and not talk). I would definitely say I'm an introvert so my job is kind of the antithesis of who I am personality-wise but a job is a job. There are perks there I have that I probably wouldn't get anywhere else so it has ups and downs. - First memorable single player game...boy that's tough. Uhm, probably Super Mario RPG on SNES. That game, while single player, was a joint experience for my brother and I. I remember watching him play (I am weird in that I enjoy watching other people play games, I'm a huge Twitch.tv viewer), fighting really tough bosses and I would be in control of the player's guide (when those were actually a thing) with the bestiary for mob health etc and I would literally have a calculator adding up the damage he was doing to keep track how soon the boss would die as he was that hard (for us). - I am a football fan, though in the last 3-4 years I've gradually starting watching less and less to now I didn't watch a single game but I stayed somewhat up to day on current standings etc. My team would be Dallas Cowboys. That tends to either go well with people or I earn their ire somehow. Being a Cowboy fan is quite polarizing in terms of how other people see/view you and that team it seems. lol. Thanks for the questions. Anyone else fee free to ask anything.
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    Hello, My name is Ryan (in game Artaios, or just Art). Battousai is my RL brother who has already posted so I'll try to provide more of my own words and not repeat him. I'm 31, when I'm not stuck at my office job I'm at home in front of my computer. I have been gaming for pretty much my entire life. WoW, being the biggest investment I've made, I have played since 2006. I have always been healer (Resto Druid), and generally always gravitate towards healing/support. Just comes naturally for me I would say. In Destiny I'm a Warlock, 650. I'm not a big alt person but I just recently leveled my Hunter to 50 and am slowly gearing him out. About to make a Titan so I can get Riskrunner (which I just found out I could have had this entire time, I was expecting a drop). I have most of my class exotics and most weapons, as such I'm quite flexible on any role/need in a raid situation, I just may need a bit of instruction/direction on what exactly you need/want me to do but after that I'm good. I'm eager to raid as another activity to do/look forward do. The one raid experience I've had thus far was abysmal to say the least simply because I wanted to be focused/semi-serious about it even though I was learning whereas everyone else preferred to goof around. With that said, I'm totally down to joke and have fun, I just tend to be more focused/serious when I raid because I want to succeed and complete things. Other interests I have still pertains the gaming, I'm big into League of Legends competitively (TSM TSM!), so I watch that on weekends while casually gaming or pvp'ing in Destiny. Outside of gaming and far, far more boring, I do follow/have an invested interest in politics. I went to college and eventually Grad school in the UK and with that I find myself more inclined to follow/stay in touch with what's going on from an intellectual point of view. Anyway, in no way is that a segue to start debating or that I would attempt to debate. I make a concerted effort to keep that stuff to myself. Anyway, not sure what else to add here. If you have any questions feel free. Thanks!
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