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  1. Xella

    Oh Hai

    Thank you! What game are you playing? I have my BS in Information Systems and trying to finish my master's in Cyber Security. The planet question, hah this is a good one. I just did a study of the Cassini-Huygens mission and so I have to say I'd visit Saturn. The rings are fascinating, the great red spot, the hexagonal storm - I want to see them in person. Apparently another storm on the northern latitudes has recently been identified as well Now you have to answer the same question!
  2. Xella

    Oh Hai

    Thank you! ESO is the only one right now but I was also playing 7 Days to Die for a while. It's still in alpha status but it's a ton of fun. What about you?
  3. Xella

    Oh Hai

    Hi Shaun! When did you quit WoW? I think i actually quit around after high school. I went back to play a couple years ago and it's changed sooo much. Welcome to you as well!
  4. Xella

    Oh Hai

    Thank you Fera! Before I started played I've heard your name a few times, she's told me good things I will head over to the code of conduct and set up the SoH discord as well. Thanks again!
  5. Xella

    Oh Hai

    Hi all! My name is Xsella on ESO because unfortunately Xella was already taken, even though I've claimed that name since EverQuest days. My real name is Amanda and I'm actually Caiffena's daughter. I started gaming when I was 13 on EQ back in the days when you had to go find your corpse by remembering where you died and loot your body - I quite literally lost a corpse once and had to start over. I'm 30 now and games have come a long way since then Thankfully... I normally play the dps caster type as I played a gnome Warlock named Cake during my WoW days, so i thought a Sorc on ESO would suite me well. I haven't played any games since WoW as college and life took over but am excited to be back. Thought I'd come introduce myself and am looking forward to gaming with you all!
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