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  1. Merriwhizzle I played long before Grample or I even knew him. He ask me to come back and play classic with him he is my boy, I'm proud of him , enjoy hanging out with him so what other reason do I need ? :) Mordigrim 1. I do enjoy playing with a mature group of people who are civilized. I am not a fan of child clans, loud and foolish stuff. I was informed by Grample you guys are good people, I don't want anything from you other than friendship and good people to play with . 2. I am 46 I prefer 60s - 90s music of most types. I am not a fan of rap more into old country, rock, Metal etc. IE Johnny Cash, Motor Head, Zepplin, Iron Maiden 3. Either depends on my mood. 4. 2 things Whiney kids or elitist assholes. FYI I'm blunt but fair if easily offended sorry ahead of time :)
  2. Whiskiejack


    Hi, I'm Grample Gust's Dad! My name is Daniel , I mainly play only Horde and I'm interested in joining the guild you guys have on Bloodsail!
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