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    Hey Mordigrim, home to see you around in Classic! Outside of WoW, I spend a lot of time playing on my Switch - my favorites are the Xenoblade and Smash Bros. series. Outside of games entirely I like to spend time practicing my art skills, though it's been tougher to fit that in lately. I'll hit you with those same questions then! What are your favorite games, and what are your interests outside of games?
  2. Moji


    Hey there! Oh man, that's a tough one. I think classic is fine the way it is, faults and all, because that's kind of the experience they're going for. Retail however is in a really weird place and there are a lot of directions you could go with it. I think improving how the player learns new abilities is something that would be appreciated and wouldn't be too crazy. The current talent system is nice because all of the options are fairly balanced and have relatively large impacts on play style, but people like getting rewarded with each level in the old talent tree. So instead of learning all your abilities one at a time in a set order it would be nice if they had their own tree system that you could put points into each level to decide what you wanted to learn and when. And just like the Legion Artifact tree it would eventually all be filled in, so you wouldn't have to worry about balancing issues as much. Or something along those lines
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    Hey everyone, name's Jordan - but you can call me Moji if you want. I've known Skoogey for like 20 years and he still hasn't been able to get rid of me. He and Cryus sent me in this direction so I thought I'd say hi! I've been playing WoW since Vanilla, and have played in every expansion to at least some capacity. I spent a lot of time raiding with Skoogey, Undaene, and Grample in Legion (I healed on my Mistweaver Monk), and am looking forward to casually playing some classic - it has been quite the nostalgia trip so far. I am 25 and am currently getting my master's degree in game design, which can keep me pretty busy. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to getting to know you all!
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