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  1. 10-4 also I have read the CoC and 5 dirty word and agree whole heartily.
  2. hello there, the name is Quartana4 but Q is fine. I have heard good things form a former corp member Moros ker who I believe has already posted or is in the process of doing so. I looking to get some bomber and small/micro gang pvp experience, I can PVE all day but PVP skill are lacking. Also moros informed me that SOHCO is looking to rebuild and I like to offer help if possible, because one and make lasting bonds just ask Moros about when we first meet. i have 3 toon Vexus xjnine 72.5 million sp combat/pve pliot , she has T2 gun, mods, perfect fitting skills and can fly amarr up to dreadnought. Quartana4 ( may name sack ) 50 million sp, Minner/industry. moka taron 39 million sp, comabt/pvp pliot, working on all skills but can fly t2 assault frigate for all races, and up to t2 cruiser for amarr and t1 battle cruiser for minmatar. Outside of eve I am a security guard for a NFL team, I enjoy a good sy-fy flick, comic book hero movie and Japanese anime with sub titles. I also read translated mangas as well. I am married with 3 kids ranging form 3-15.
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