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  1. Native Marylander, can't seem to get out. Some day I'm moving to Denmark. I think the flag is striking and beautiful. None of this "lol look we put a bear on our flag rawr" nonsense
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'll put in an app tonight if I don't fall asleep while cycling PI. Greene Turtle is for me just a common sports bar. I know people that are huge fans, and I've found it to be serviceable, but I never developed a particular fondness for it. I suspect it's heavily dependent on whether you have a regular group of friends to make memories there. They've franchised like crazy, so it starts to feel like a Wendys after you've driven by 12 of them. Old Bay is the profit multiplier of Maryland. Mac and Cheese, $4, no way hon. Old Bay Mac & Cheese, $7, *slams the order button*. It certainly has its place, I've come across some amazing dishes like local eggs benedict with crab that will knock your socks off, but generally it's so ubiquitous that you start to glaze over. I think we have 4 containers in the cupboard that have never been opened, they just accumulate somehow. But Old Bay + soft shell crabs + beer are timeless. The Dark Tower narrator has been solid so far, Frank Muller I think. I also read the first few books properly on my Kindle a while back, I just got stuck during the book that stopped advancing the main story and spent its time in a flashback filled with depressing foreshadowing. It got to me after a while. I generally look for books that are easy to listen to, since I'm driving and can't always focus 100%. Next will likely be a Tom Clancy novel, I've listened to 5 or 6 Jack Ryan books over the last year or so. They're long and easy to follow, whereas when I tried Dune I returned it after a chapter because it was so dense. I'll try it in print someday instead.
  3. The post on Evejobs caught my eye, and I thought I would throw my hat into the ring. I remember flying roams with SOHCO members Simone and TBert back in Blades of Grass a while back. I was a newbro at the time and really appreciated the fun and help getting a handle on the universe. I was in another corp, but SOHCO pings always caught my eye because I knew they would be chill. My corp moved around, and after a while my corp's USTZ withered. I also got tired of decisions that were consistently reactive instead of proactive, and general risk aversion in a game that is...well...a game. I felt like I was in a rut doing the same mindless stuff every day. I needed to make some changes in my real and virtual lives, so I peacefully exited the nullsec lifestyle. It's been over a year now that I've been out of null and flying solo. Since then I've tried out some other Eve activities, some of which have been pretty fun. I rolled an alpha character and learned to gank Leopards on the Jita undock. I trained a jump freighter and learned how to handle it. I scanned down wormholes of inactive and low activity corps and bashed their structures out from under them with cheap afk t1 personal fleets (had about 13B drop from an Astrahus, heh). I found an empty unattractive low class wormhole and put up an Upwell structure to do PI and exploration from that staging. I did a bunch of Abyssals. I spent a week or two wandering through Russian dronelands in a cloaky Legion studying botting behavior (sooo many Dominixes). I put an alt in Pandemic Horde and ran some fleets with them to see if the culture was good and fun (results were...ok but not great). At this point I'd really like to have a home and a team. So that in the rare times that real life gives me a break, I can possibly find someone on comms to do stupid stuff with together without listening to rage or stupidity. And I'm hoping SOHCO will be that kind of a place. Small gang warfare is an area I'd really like to get stronger in as well. In terms of in-game capabilities, I have several accounts with characters with broad skills. My main is a subcap pilot with 81M SP, all weapons V, cruiser down all V, near perfect supports, etc. I also have a pvp capital pilot with perfect Revelation skills, moderate carrier skills, and can also fly a Blops Redeemer just for giggles. Additional characters include an Apostle pilot / JF pilot, a Rorqual pilot, and a smattering of industrial/market/others not worth mentioning here. Out of game, I love reading about Eve and listening to podcasts. I've also built spreadsheets and tools for things like market stocking, PI optimization, wormhole rolling, and the like. I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery of Empires of Eve Volume 2. I'm fascinated by weird Eve mechanics and creative ways to leverage them (example: the recent case of the supercarrier that cloaked while being hunted, and got decloaked by someone bridging in an industrial which then dropped an Astrahus at the last known location - utter genius). Outside of Eve interests, my other hobbies have withered somewhat as real life has steadily crushed me down, but I have been rediscovering my love of books on tape lately during my commute. Most recently I picked back up the Dark Tower series by Stephen King and finally got through the book that I had gotten stuck on (Wizard and Glass). I've been playing games forever, and can't even begin to remember what I've played. My first gaming systems were Atari and C64, so the list is pretty long at this point. I loved WoW during vanilla and BC, but drifted away after that (I think it left me, not the other way around). I played a ton of Halo and TF2 back in the day, but haven't been able to play an FPS in ages. I enjoyed, but was never terribly good at, RTS titles like Red Alert. In my real life, I live in Maryland with my wife and two elementary aged kids and a demon cat. I work in IT, in the totally-not-dying growth field of Systems Administration. I love my family, a cut lawn, The Fifth Element, silent movies, and Yuengling. I've flown with some of your players, and I've read your Code of Conduct, and I think I would be a good fit. I'm drama free, rage free, and I like helping people and solving puzzles. I can take a joke, make one too, and just want to have some fun in a game with some good folks. I mostly play late USTZ after kids are in bed, assuming I can dodge wife aggro. So let me know if you could use another pilot to leave wrecks in space. Fly dangerous. -Bashen
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