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  1. Hi Mordigrim, Funny story, I actually moved from Chicago to St. Louis when I was younger and the hell I had to endure from those fans was unworldly so I'm sure we'll have some good conversations....Especially when the Cubs win that division this year. I think she would say that I am a loyal, hard-working, nerdy, fun loving man. Or maybe she'd just call me a nerd, hard to say! Hmm good question. I think I would choose Michael Jordan(cliche maybe?) - Not only is he my favorite athlete, but he is a very successful businessman and I think he would have a ton of wisdom to be able to impart on me. i get both! My girl and I share the popcorn usually, and I will get 2 boxes of cookie dough bites every time. It's literally the only time I ever eat cookie dough bites... lol. Oh! and you can't forget the ICEE! Kb
  2. Hi Morkgrim, I live in NYC(da Bronx!) but I'm from Chicago originally... Diehard Chicago sports fan, cubs, bears, bulls, blackhawks, you know the deal! But I lowkey do like the yankees because I live so close to the stadium and the games are very fun! I like to do flow arts with fire, I have a staff that I use for that, watching TV shows, and trying new restaurants with my fiance. I work in IT as an independent IT consultant. Vanilla was by far my favorite WoW and I was thrilled to find out I'd be able to play it without fear of having my stuff deleted like when you play on private servers, they were so unstable! She doesn't game much but does enjoy playing the Sims. She used to play WoW but now she spends most of her off-time watching TV or watching me game, she especially likes to watch me play Madden because of how animated I get when I play lol. Hi Merriwhizzle, Well I used to be a professional Counter-Strike: Source player when I was younger and my name was "K". My best friend was on my team as well and his name was "Blueberry". So we decided to change our names to "kbb" and "bbk" respectively because it looked cool on the kill feed when we would hold down bomb sites together, lol. I have a cat who just turned 1, her name is Zelda. No photos of her on my laptop but I will try to get one uploaded this week Probably rent a blimp and drop a million dollars over times square in Manhattan and pay a camera crew to record what happens. Idk if you watch the show Money Heist or La Casa de Papel in spanish on Netflix but they have a similar scene to this in that show and I've always wanted to do it because it just seemed so cool! Kb
  3. Hi everyone! My name is itskbb, I'm a long time WoW player(been playing since 2005) and am returning to the game for Classic! I discovered your community on the WoW Forums and I thought it would be a great place for me to join up and hang out! I come from a diverse gaming background including console and PC games spanning back to the 90s, but my favorites are Madden and WoW. I really look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you all! If you want to know anything please ask! Thanks! Kb
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