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  1. Hey Caterhoof, Why SoH over other guilds? While they're certainly other guilds that would fit my criteria, A community first guild that has the skill, experience and overall interest in improving for example looking up guides/streams/reddit etc. I'm assuming most guilds in classic would have that however it's hard to get into a guild that's in it for the long hull. In the past I often guild hopped and don't want that to be my experience this time around. Played D&D/Pathfinder/7th sea's - Favorite character would be my Alchemist In pathfinder I built him as a suicide bomber with simulacrums and marionette possessions, implanting / delaying / going invis and necklace of fireballs with some other items. We were playing Kingmaker and we were called the Purple Ravens (not to be confused with the Purple Raisins). Favorite moment would be when I changed into a a large raven costume and started dicking around with friends. My One Goal for WoW Classic would be RAIDING. In the past I always just tanked/healed in queue finder 5 mans, or leveled via questing etc while I did do my fair share of 10 mans and a couple of 25 mans I skipped most of the content so it will all be all new to me and I want to do 40 mans. Guacamole, Meat, Sour cream, tomatoes, cheese etc (pretty basic) but Definitely tons of Guac. Ya asked a few questions before and from what I've seen from the fourms you're pretty active and know your stuff, however I only saw 5 / 3 people online when I checked (That's a bit concerning as you might imagine for someone who wants to do 40mans) so what's the game plan is SoH going to have classic as there main focus, will the recruitment process be more proactive ? How large of a guild do you plan to have ? 1 Raid team or a Main and Sub ? Pretty much what's SoH's goals in terms of members and activity (I apologize but a friend joined a guild and I tagged along, I'll still be quite active and in the future I hope to see you again)
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