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  1. Simone - Thanks, I'll definitely check that out. I saw a neuting tristan fit in my searches somewhere, I haven't tried it out yet, but it's up there on my list of things I'm interested in trying. Tyrlis - I've heard of the Rorquals, haven't seen one in person yet, not sure I'm ready to run 10 accounts simultaneously in them, but yeah, definitely some profit to be made there. I've was just talking to Jamroar yesterday about if I should try mining in our wh. I'd love to do that, though I would need some help clearing the rats as I can't currently fly a battlecruiser.
  2. Hello Everyone, I am new to Eve and new to South of Heaven, my real name is David. I first heard about the game in about January this year, I found an article on the destruction of Fort Knox, and I thought this game sounded amazing. I was pretty busy at the time and didn't want to just jump into a game, so i waited it out and started playing about a month ago with 3 friends I've known IRL for quite some time, Rorian, Jamroar, and Sasukeuchiha. At this point I've watched many youtube videos, read a bunch of articles, and basically found that I still know nothing abou
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