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  1. Rahk -- I'm actually in the first book. I started reading this summer and got a few hundred pages in and I really enjoy it. Once I started playing EVE, I kind of put my other hobbies aside, but I'm sure I'll get back to it soon. I can tell it's going to be a great series. As far as my favorite exploring experience, I'll give you two quick answers. When I first started exploring, I warped to the exit of a WH that I had just finished exploring (Jamroar was with me -- we didn't really have anything of value with us). We warped right into a bubble, had no idea what we warped into, and both died almost instantly. Then the person who killed us sent us 100 million ISK each. Very nice of him. My other slightly more normal exploring story is that a couple nights ago I was in a relic site in a WH and I opened one cargo for 103 million and the next cargo for 98 million. I was shaking on my way out of the WH. Tyrlis -- My favorite EPL team is Manchester City. When we go to England next month we're staying in Manchester for a few nights and catching a Man City v. Wolves game. I also am a big fan of the US national teams. I don't follow the MLS super closely but I went to an NYCFC game a few weeks back. The Bundesliga is definitely an exciting league. I've never picked a team there but I rooted for Dortmund the whole time that Christian Pulisic was playing for them. As far as beverages go, my go to beers are IPAs. There is a really good brewing company up in Queensbury, NY that I've taken a liking to called Northway Brewing Company. So most likely I'm drinking one of their brews on a Friday night, probably the Sunrise Session IPA. If I need caffeine instead I'm a tea fan, not a coffee drinker. Not sure how serious you are on the last question but I feel like the proper EVE answer is something like, lock target on the round hole, blow it up, and put the square peg wherever at that point. Practical -- these are tough ones but I'll give this a shot. If I was a re-incarnated EVE ship, my guess is I'd be a Helios. Like the Helios, I'm decently fast and sneaky (when I need to be I guess, I don't sneak that much as an adult lol). I was always good at capture the flag and manhunt and those types of games as a kid because I was small and fast so I guess I'm going with the Helios. I could pick a different covert ops ship but I don't really know any at this point. Pluto can't be a planet because Neil deGrasse Tyson is a jerk. (Just kidding, I like Neil and listen to his podcast quite often where he frequently makes jokes about his role in Pluto not being considered a planet.) I'm not super creative or business-minded really so I've been struggling with this one. I love sports though (especially soccer) so here's my answer: assuming that the gravity on this moon will make things interesting, I would build a soccer stadium and start a soccer league on the moon which would hopefully be crazy to watch/play in light of the gravity. It would certainly attract me to the moon. I could probably come up with a better answer but I've been stuck on this question for a half hour and I just want to go play EVE now. Thanks everyone for welcoming us to the corp. I'm super happy to be here!
  2. Hey Everyone! I'm one of the new members to the EVE corp. My real name is Rich and I've been friends with the other three guys who have joined/are joining for quite some time. As Jamroar said in his post, we all recently came across some fascinating articles about EVE and just had to give it a try. We started playing about a month ago and haven't looked back. After the tutorials we started diving right into wormhole exploration. We joined the PvP fleet this past Saturday and had a great time. We're total noobs but we're all very obsessed with this game and are constantly reading articles and watching YouTube videos. We're very eager to learn (and I promise we won't suck this much forever). This is one of the first MMORPGs that I've really gotten into. I'm a big Star Wars fan so I've played SWTOR but was never more than just a casual player. I was pretty into StarCraft II way back during the Wings of Liberty days. More recently I was into League of Legends for a bit. On a more personal note, I'm married and my wife just loves hearing all my EVE stories. I'm a pretty big fan of fantasy/sci fi books/shows (I recently started reading the Expanse but I stopped because of this game). Also a pretty big English Premier League fan (and I'm heading to England next month to see my first game in person). I'm very excited to be joining you all! Thanks so much for including us. - Rorian
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