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  1. Wardec: That would have been a better change several years ago. Agree. I hope to be on tonight. Will check in and see if all need help. I did get an e-mail to review a link on the forum but did not have access? Regardless, I read the code of conduct, Five Dirty words and other corp policy. I love it. Thanks for providing a community of honorable intentions. Any ships that would be useful for roams would be great to know. I can start buying and assembling. I love Merlins, kite. Have a Sabre already built and two intys. Have to Canes, one brawler one long range ar
  2. Hey Nice to meet you. Have not understood the new wardec system? So easier or harder to declare war. favorite Eve story? Got many but one that sticks out is seeing the first titan in the game of the first time. Not sure what year but BOB decided to come north and lock down Pure Blind. They cynoed in Shrike into EC and locked down anyone coming near the Titan with a huge subcap fleet. I was in a covert ops and got to watch the operations and see a Titan up close. At that time, first and only one in the game, un-nerfed too so it could take a whole fleet with one click. Anot
  3. Simone, Thank you. looking forward to meeting up!
  4. Greetings My name is Adamant Stehl (Daniel). I am an older player. Ive been playing Eve on and off since Beta. I have done many aspects of the game, but mostly enjoy being in NullSec. BUT, I am not looking for fleets, structure grind or any of that. Would love small gang roaming and everything that comes with that. That is my single focus right now. I am a casual player, 2 kids, wife, etc… but can play 2-4 times a week and on between 0100 to 0500 Eve time (I am in US mountain time zone). I can fly most ships, all four races from sub-cap down. Some exceptions
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