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  1. Happy to press F1, FC! There have been a few "double wrapped" containers I have moved for extremely high sums of isk... always a mystery what lays inside those. Real life I work a manufacturing job here in Oregon. I don't really drink coffee...
  2. Hello all, Here is a great long wall of text detailing my EVE journey up until this point. I have been playing EVE off and on since 2017. I started my EVE journey in EVE University learning the basics. After a few months in E-UNI I became interested in hauling for fun and profit. I participated in and won a crazy cross-universe race for a 3 billion ISK cash prize and those funds help kickstart my solo hauling career, I ran public contracts and did a lot of exploring to supplement the income from hauling, daytripping into WH space running pirate relic and data sites. Even
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