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  1. Those are some super green eyes.
  2. Dogs are great, but cats taste better.
  3. Evening SoH members! I was instructed to come here and provide some insight on myself by Xotic in order to join a swell group of folks for some Destiny fun, and possibly some more down the road. I am a seasoned gamer and have played previous games alongside Xotic, mainly TERA. I live in Nebraska and am shortly about to leave for Oklahoma City for a few years. I play a lot of RPG's and haven't really found a new MMO to get involved in. As mentioned I am currently getting into Destiny and would very much like to play and build a well working friendship with other like minded individuals. I like all your core values and can really get behind the philosophy. I am a fairly hardcore player in nearly every game I play but ultimately enjoy the journey alongside good company. Feel free to ask me anything that you might want to know and I will do my best to answer you. Other things I am in to include golfing and food. Really, really love food. My handle is Xeitoku on every thing you can think of to include discord, bnet, steam...etc. Looking forward to joining the community, cheers.
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