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  1. I usually do wormhole exploring. My success rate has been better there versus lowsec. II just like seeing what I can get away with before I get caught. I can't really say I have a favorite hull. The NRDS garbage screwed with a lot of people. I know it ibecame a point of contension with some of the smaller corps in certain alliances. No. Never roleplayed. I never saw the appeal, I guess. I don't pay much attention to reddit either. I'm actually trying to learn German at the moment.
  2. o/ Heyo! I am Isaiah Hart! I am a Gallente pilot right now sitting at about 6mil SP. I started in Eve back in 2010. I started out with a small group out of Providence and learned what I know about Eve by trial by fire. Fast forward a couple years - the corp had a falling out with the our alliance at the time and the corp eventually closed its doors. I pretty much stopped playing after that and went on to greener pastures. I came back to the game a couple months ago and I'm still learning some of the new metas. I think I've gotten myself to a place where I can be viable in PvP again I also do a bit of exploration and PI on the side. Personally, I'm in my mid thirties, married, with two teenage daughters. They keep me pretty busy. I survive off of sarcasm and black coffee. Look forward to flying with you guys!
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