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  1. Hi Jamroar, I don't really have a favorite movie to quote per se, it just depends on the context and who I'm with.... but a few of my favorites are: Obligatory Monty Python of course: "Tis but a scratch...", "There are some who call me... Tim." Trinity / Trinity is Still My Name: "Every monk who is a monk, punch a monk who ain't a monk..." Mel Brooks / Spaceballs: "What's the matter Col. Sandurz, chicken?" Wes Anderson movies: "Anne-Marie, do all the interns get glocks? No, they all share one..."
  2. Hi Kamella, that's good to know... and good dad joke! Hi Tyrlis, yes I definitely look forward to flying Sabres... It also doubles as Sean Connery's favorite S-word on SNL Celebrity Jeopardy...
  3. Good morning all, I saw your advert on Reddit today and jumped over here to introduce myself. You definitely piqued my interest for a corp... about me... My friends and family call me I-ball. I'm married, 40+, have ten year old twins - boy and a girl, and am an avid gamer in my spare time (Marvel UA 3, Path of Exile, and Eve). My kids are getting a little bit older now, so I have more free time in the late evenings and on weekends to get more involved in "structured" gameplay. I just "returned" to Eve after a long hiatus. A buddy of mine from BoB/TNT tried to get me to play years ago, but I just didn't have time then - family first and raising my kids is my priority. I got the itch to try Eve again and re-loaded the client recently. I'm based in the USTZ - Texas (CST) and am now on a few times a week later in the evening. I'm laid back and low-key - I don't do drama and especially not when I'm try to enjoy a game. I like to throw out 1-liners and movie references on disco chat, mostly to keep my ADD-riddled brain amused, but occasionally I make other people laugh with my dad jokes, too... eve experience and focus... I'm a snuggly nubnub (only 10m sp, but Omega at least) with minor and outdated pvp/fleet experience from 3 years ago... :/ Working on a Sabre fit but am open to training for any pvp needs Currently ratting/hacking in LowSec near Fountain/Delve to get my roam, flight, and fight skills back I really want to get to get some good small-scale pvp and training in when I'm on, ie: not interested in mining or corp... Willing to take orders, train into new fits, die on roams as tackle, whatever is needed... I don't have any expectations from corp or FC other than be cool and give me some time, training, and patience to develop the skills I need to be useful with you in pvp Well, if you're interested, I look forward to chatting with you more. Cheers! ~ I-ball
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