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  1. Hello Everyone, My name is Zach, or Attazach (which is what I usually go by in game). I am a returning player with absolutely no PVP experience, I don't have very many skills trained and I cant play all that often due to work restrictions. Ok well we got all the bad out of the way, so onto a bit about me. Last time I played EVE I was in College for Mechanical Engineering. After School I realized that after doing complicated math all day everyday for years straight I wanted to take a break from that so I now work for an Electrical Contractor and stare at Excel Sheets all day, it is very exciting stuff! but really I have always had a deep fascination with space and Sci-fi, I mean I minored in Aerospace engineering so I have the bare minimum of an understanding of rocket science. Emphasis on bare minimum. Its a lot of equations that I haven't used in years. I was attracted to your posting on reddit because you seem like a community of people like me, people who enjoy video games but have real world commitments that keep you from playing them 24/7. I used to do a lot of mining and exploring last time I played, and I may be a bit rusty now but back then I was the best explorer our corp had so maybe that will be useful in some situations? I would very much like to learn more about PVP in EVE and would enjoy a good community filled with people who aren't toxic and enjoy playing games! Well that is enough rambling from me, hopefully the bad doesn't outweigh the good! Thank you -Attazach
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