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  1. Hey guys, I am a relatively new player who played for a few months in 2017 and is now coming back after a two year gap. I found your ad on r/evejobs and it seemed like the kind of organization I was looking for. The part that really stood out to me was this particular line in your post: "Actual Friends: Our core group has been playing Eve together for a year or more, and we are part of a 12-year old multi-game community." Here's some more information about myself character wise: 4.6 mill skill points. In my previous run I had trained bombers for blops. I'm looking to do more small gang pvp but I'm down for anything really. Just looking for people to fly with. My PVP experience is not much at the moment so I would like to get more experience. I work afternoons to evenings in US ESTZ but I can definitely do thursdays and saturday nights. Simone, thanks for the quick reply in game. Looking forward to flying with you guys. -Gooch (I just go by Gooch in games now,)
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