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  1. Thank you for the welcome post. I was fortunate enough to catch the fleet action yesterday so I got to taste a bit of the action. 1) I never actually played any of the Far Cry games, but from what I've seen it did a good job of representing the scenery --at least in the mountains. The whole eastern and northern part of the state is mostly plains, and in the western mountainous side (where I live), most of the "big cities" are down in huge valleys between massive ranges, like this (near where I live): But I'm lucky enough to only have to drive 15-30 minutes to get in the mountains, then it looks like the game: 2) Mostly just getting into software development/engineering. I do some stuff with machine learning and AI, but I'm more drawn towards making high utility products/services honestly. 3) My IRL favorite planet is Uranus (hehe, I said Ur). I love the color of it and its axial tilt makes it really unique and interesting. My favorite fictional planet is Amazonia from Futurama, for obvious, immature, reasons (face_mischief).
  2. Hello all, I saw your recruitment post on r/evejobs and decided to reach out and introduce myself. About me My real name is Nick, I am 30 and live in Montana with my wife. I started college a little later than most and have about one more year before I graduate with my BS in computer science. I love playing games to unwind after the day and I am generally online for around 2 hours between 6:00pm-10:00pm MST (0100-0400 Eve) a few times a week. I usually go by my username, Shibity. But I don't mind too much if you alternatively use my real name or my eve character name. Eve Background My in-game character is Kane Apterus. Despite having my account for nearly 3 years, I've actually only played for around 2-3 months total. When I first got the game in early 2017, I rushed into joining a small corporation and, frankly, it was a disaster. I was very green at the game (still am) and this group had a habit of simply telling me what to do without any explanation, and then would be quite rude and condescending when I would make mistakes. I felt intimidated and left the game behind for the last ~2 1/2 years. Recently, I've started getting back in the game. I've been doing some safe, vanilla isk-making tasks like hauling goods, station trading, mining, and been trying to train up some of my skills (I'm still really low, ~925k SP). As you all know, there's only so much this game can offer when you are playing solo and I know that I'm missing out on huge fun. What I'm hoping for I'm looking for some nice people to play eve with who can teach me how to PvP and have some good laughs along the way. I'd love to make some new friends and experience all the things eve has to offer. I'll be reaching out in-game soon and look forward to speaking with you guys. Thanks, Shibity
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