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  1. Hey Galen - Nice to have somemore EU time zone people to EVE with, I am London way but can be found logged on most evenings.
  2. Hello Fera, My wife is not a gamer (YET), I am working on it, sadly I do not have any pet as my wife is very allergic to cat and dog hair. We have thought about fish after we fish sat for a co-work of hers while they were on holiday. I game out side of EVE with a good friend of mine and his wife, we played WOW for a while and a few other, we are all looking for something else at the moment, trying to get them into EVE but we are open to other games as well. Hope to catch up with you sometime on Discord. Take care. DS
  3. Hey Tyrlis, How often do people assume your nickname is referring to the southern US instead of South Africa? Yeah pretty much all the time, no-one other then the Aussies seem to know where South Africa is. Kind of where the name came from down south in Africa as far down as you can go before you hit the ocean. Just ended up with Downsouth and it stuck. Tell us your favorite 'I was there when' EVE story. The Day that razor was the first alliance to lose multiple super caps in one battle, played tackle in a vaga that day. https://zkillboard.com/character/194573560/kills/reset/group/659/losses/ Watch any good TV shows recently? Good Omen, The Expanse, Jack Ryan and Carnival Row are a few latest good ones. I live in Ealing, west London in an old converted church. DS
  4. Good Day South of Heaven, I came across your forum post about recruitment and like what I saw about a community rather than just a group of player. I am recently returned to Eve after another long break, I been playing Eve on and off since 2006. This game never lets you gooooo... That also hints that I am a mature gamer, in my mid 40s. I am EU timezome but may be becoming US in the next year or so. My real name is Steve, currently living in cold wet London, with my wife who for her sins is from Rockville, Maryland. Originally I am from South Africa but moved to London over 20 years ago. My day job involves managing a support team in the IT sector I am looking for a relaxed fun place to play eve, I have been there and done most of the content eve has to offer and now just want to have fun playing the game with like minded people. I look forward to meeting you guys. DS Out.
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