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  1. Hey Tyrlis well met. I'm actually fairly new into the gun world. Besides some hunting when I was younger mostly just some plinking at gophers and targets. Local guy was selling a Kimber custom crimson carry II and I just couldn't resist. My pride and joy though working on the range time to make my marksmanship up to snuff for such a beauty. Pretty strictly coffee and maybe tea type drinks. Only a monster tea and lemonade has enough power to sway me towards stronger stuff when I need a good kick in the behind. Sounds like a fun ship to fly! Going to say typhoon
  2. Velociraptor for sure. I don't think I was quite as big into dinosaurs as my nephew, but I watched the first Jurassic Park and had a few books on dinosaurs that I enjoyed to read. The smaller agile specimen were always more of my favorites. So TBH sometimes the most memorable moments are not always the most pleasant. I decided I needed to leave the house and went camping early spring. I hit the cooler parts of the mountain and started finding snow yet kept trudging. I was severely ill prepared, no winter gear, yet burned thru calf deep snow to get where I wanted to go. Built a small fire a
  3. Hello! I am looking for a good place to call home again in the new eden world. I love the bit about community you guys have as it's something I try to drive and promote as part of the EvE experience. Reading all these recruit posts and a bit more about the group has really pushed me towards this corp in search for some fun. I will try to be concise as I tend to ramble on when putting words to ink lol. IN RL: I am a pretty reserved, mature 25yr old living and working full time in the beautiful big sky country of Montana. (Was pleasantly surprised to see another post from
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