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  1. Vanilla, yes i know it's boring =p. I don't think I can pick just one... Killing a semi famous pvper in a one on one. No one else had been able to beat / catch him. Breaking up Hydra Alliance blob camps with a small gang of plate tanked ships, guardians, and alts. Some of the people that I am still in contact with after a decade. Accept that any ship you purchase is already lost. It is not a matter of if, it's a matter of when...
  2. I too was a part of the PA hating NJ crowed but I have been converted . I try and read a wide variety of stuff! I most recently finished The Road by Cormac McCarthy and Circe by Madeline Miller. I'm currently reading Never Let Me Go. I've heard good things about House of Leaves, but I have not read it. "Cool experimental weird fiction book", sounds promising to me though!
  3. Hey everyone! I've been playing eve on and off since 2005, and after a particularly long stint, I reactivated my account and found your corp on eve jobs. I seem to always be drawn back to this game! I've mostly been a pvper and can fly ships from multiple races. I especially enjoy flying Gallente blasterboats. I've experienced most aspects of eve, but in many ways, am a noob again as I have not kept up with the game for years. I have always enjoyed small gang and solo pvp, though I am definitely rusty! I'm still trying to get back into the game and would mostly be active around 01:00 - 4:00 eve time. IRL: My name is Travis, I'm 26, and I live in New Jersey where I work as as a software dev. I used to play basketball when I was younger, but everyone decided to suddenly become really tall in high school =p. I still try and play pickup games. I enjoy hiking around the various parks in my area and have been trying to get back into reading and writing... Originally, I'm from Scranton, PA (Yes the office lol), but am enjoying Jersey since it is so close to the city and the beach! I read, understand, and align with the values in the Code of Conduct! Looking forward to meeting all of you and joining my first fleet! Travis/Ishta
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