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  1. Sweet bud looking forward to it. It wouldn't be anything formal, just a once in a while kinda thing, we'd start forming and I'd message one of your fc's about how many we got and where we're going, and you guys can choose to form something similar and come smash into us. We're mostly just running cheap fit t1 cruisers at the moment and we roam about until we find something to smash into and die. It's pretty good fun but would enjoy the opportunity to teach the new guys what its like fighting a similar sized fleet. Talk to ya soon
  2. Hey guys, This might be in the wrong area but I can't seem to access the Eve Online area of your forums. We are a new set up of an old alliance that used to train fresh eve online newbs to pvp in fleets. We used to roam around Syndicate with a few other similar corps who would regularly come out with a similar fleet and pvp for a bit of fun. We would let them know when and where we were heading and they would come meet us with a similar number of cheap T1 cruisers and we'd duke it out and all die gloriously. We noticed today you guys are set up down in syndicate. Would you be keen on a similar arrangement?
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