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  1. My twins are named Perrin and Ender. I bet you can identify both of the sources of these names ;).
  2. Gesari, heya. Always good to know cat people. I had 2 cats when I met my wife, and she had 2 as well. I married into cats. We currently are down to two, but throughout our marriage we've had Tsuba (half house, half bobcat...we think. he was 26lbs and not fat when he passed... had a bob tail and the.... chops, that bobcats have.) Tabi, Cricket, Bucket, and Andrew. I totally get where you're coming from with unrelated nicknames. (see: bucket. His real name is Swarley). The kind of independence, solitude, time to listen to audiobooks and generally be alone. Seeing the country. It's honestly a very good line of work for people who can handle the stress/being alone/being away from family. I've driven in all 48 contiguous states and 2 or 3 provinces in Canada. Yeah, I'm hoping that they keep their native... love for everyone. One of my boys is such a good person. Like -- way better than my wife or myself. His brother is great too, just lacks that incredible empathy. He's more like me. Already a little sarcastic and exploring boundaries. I like the names a lot of Asian food places use. Number One Taste is certainly up there, heh. Hard to say. Overcoming challenges obviously. Teamwork/community ranks high. Favorite raid encounter.... hmm. How about 3 great ones. Lich King heroic 25(main tank), Deathwing Spine(I was add tank as a protadin), Shade of Aran cus it was the first one I saw people failing on for no obvious reason. Best magic system is... probably either from the mistborn universe... Allomancy/Feruchemy/Hemallurgy... or maybe the power from the Wheel of Time series. (I would also say The Force in Star Wars is top tier.)
  3. I think I formatted the whole thing as a quote.. ah well. I don't know right off hand any questions to fire back with yet. Might think of some while I kill N'zoth again this evening, heh. -Ace
  4. Hey folks. I'm an old guildmate of Sheytan/Dev's from... forever ago back in <Church of RNG>. My main's name is Aspir, a protadin. Just got aotc after about a month back into WoW. Considering other places for continued Raiding/Shadowlands Shenanigans. Mostly interested in heroic with maybe mythic raiding, m+, and general activity. I'm super into the idea of an active and fun community. As an aside, I also have played Eve for years. I was CEO of No Vacancies (a wh corp) for about 5 years. Just recently passed that torch cus I saw myself becoming less active within Eve. If your eve folks know much/any of my corp, y'all will already possibly know that I'm in full agreement with your Code of Conduct. Friendly banter is fun, but when someone's had enough, move on and keep having fun instead of irritating your friends. About me as a human... I'm Aaron (often called Ace), getting older as far as being a gamer goes. I've got 4 year-old twins that I talk about too much. I'm a recovering trucker and newbie programmer. I'm not currently driving a truck, but that might be in the cards again, who knows. I also have a couple cats. Currently I play WoW, World of Warships, Avorion, Terraria, other random Steam games, and still a small bit of Eve Online (anyone need an avatar?) Anything else people are interested in, give me a shout. -Ace -
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