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  1. 1) I've been playing ESO online with my wife on XBOX for quite a bit.. this was her first MMO, but she is a seasonal gamer (winter time gaming). Outside of that, I have been all across the board on console games. My favorites as of late are: Stardew Valley, Undermine, Graveyard Keeper, Moonlighter, & Ark.. If you can't tell, I love the indie style survival/growth games. 2) I went to school for Health & Safety. I am now a Director of Environmental Health & Safety for my company 3) Warm Vanilla Sugar.. hands down. 4) I have a doggo (pitbull terrier mix).
  2. Good Afternoon Yall, I'm Loler and yet another former guildie of Shey / Dev from the days of Church of RNG. Back in the day, I was won of our 25 man officers and the lead recruiter. I lurked on the forum boards and probably have encountered a few of you by chance while attempting to bolster our numbers. I quit playing after Cataclysm and I finally just built a PC after all these years to start playing some games again. I haven't been entirely away from gaming or anything, just lurking on discord and playing my consoles. I took the break when graduating from college and travelling around a bit for work and until recently, I had never picked it back up. With my two kids being out of "infant" stages now.. (2 & 5) I finally decided to build myself a new PC. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Sephirofl/saved/#view=KRYsXL I was hoping to join up as a casual for now, but may turn into more in the future. I used to be the BEST feral dps cat in Church of RNG (we only had one cat) and I plan on sticking to that, unless I can be persuaded to play something else. The most fun I had in the game before was spending time on Ventrillo with that entire group just BSing late into the night while doing random group activities. I got Insane in the Membrane with them and want to get back at it again soon! I hope this finds you all well... and here is a little of the random old pictures I found while checking out an old hard drive! Best Regards, Loler
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