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  1. This is totally weird for me. Ive not created a forum login and introduced myself using a a "fake" (see in-game) name since briefly joining Death & Taxes for original Naxx 40 back in 2006-8 whenever that was. Briefly because neither the friend i followed nor myself were particularly that consistently hardcore. If i recall correctly, my friend made 2 or so months longer than i did which i attribute to his Manitoba winters vs my Boston ones. In any event, the group of wow friends i raided with through MoP i met via CS 1.3 servers, and my 13 year old gamertag was DogOfWar as a MGS reference, so Dog's the name I listed up top, but im totally ambivalent about naming and dont think i have a single WoW character with that name. Hopefully this serves as something of an introduction. I tend towards playing tanks, and have mained everything except a druid (ever) or dh (have done high m+, never non-trivial raiding). I mained heals during wrath, mop. There was a brief time in vanilla i mained melee dps (rogue). This was a long way of saying i am both open to playing anything, and imho can in short order prove im early CE quality in any of the three roles in any class (though i think id quit before having to deal with what i understand the guardian druid 2 button rotation to be -- im just greatful theyve rarely been meta). I hopefully dont sound too conceired after the above. Your guild seems to have been around as lomg as i have, which is a plus, and you reference bullfinch's mythology and fleur de lis in your naming writeup, so i suspect i could get along with you. Geared a 465 blood dk (easy switch to unholy/frost i think) in past two weeks (Greatestdead-Tichondrius) i could transfer, but could also pretty easily grab another 120 and gear, particularly with m+ helping hands. Hope to chat.
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