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  1. Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t made the time to reply earlier, but I’m still very excited to get to know you all when I’m done with work (aiming for October 7th) and being home again. Gesari, I can tell you’ve really enjoyed your journey in this game and with these groups of guys, that type of excitement/happiness is always infectious! Thank you for all the questions! I studied public health with a concentration in community based interventions, and as a junior I had a project to create a intervention and I chose to erect a community garden at an elementary school for the kids an
  2. It’s really hard to just pick one raid but uhhh any given night I’d just say ulduar, although the fight mechanics of back then are pretty basic, it was a beautiful design and the music was great too! I played a DK which stayed fresh with new builds often that you had to constantly read up on and stay in the loop with other dk’s, and it was the second tier I had played at max level so the beginning process of this raiding hobby, good memories! Blackrock foundry had a bunch of amazing boss fights, but I loved blackhand the most. So many good mechanics, I liked getting knocked up to kill canno
  3. Soju it is then! id love to be able to read minds, for many reasons but I’d love to be able to hear how other people think. Like people watching, I don’t think I’d ever get tired of it tbh. as to the icecream choice, I’m a big fan of mint chocolate chip when I’m feeling extra, otherwise my preference is I’ll get vanilla cone’s maybe with some hot fudge or chocolate. i like a light blue normally, I think. Only color I’m not a fan of is green, or purple.
  4. Hello all in South of Heaven, my name’s Matt! I go by different ingame names over the years including: Foxinsocks, Shears, Alffie, Cancr, and blossoms. I’ve been playing WoW actively since wotlk, with 2/3 6 month breaks along the way. Im looking for a guild for shadowlands, and maybe you guys will be it! What peaked my interest about you guys from first glance was the wowprogress info mentioning non-raid night events, and then I saw the way you guys attempt to get to know applicants on this forum. I’ve made close friends Video-gaming who I talk to and see to this day, even i
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