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  1. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. Just took a mini vacation to Saint Petersburg to relax at the beach for the weekend and it was FANTASTIC! Now back to life though haha. Hey Mordigrim! I think I'd have to agree with transmog, as I definitely find myself there whenever I'm trying to kill time and then getting trapped for hours like you said haha. One thing I need to start doing is expanding my wardrobe though- it's been a long time since I've gone back and farmed old raids since I've been on classic DOING old raids. But yeah being pretty is definitely a favorite past time for me XD Honestly you said 'favorite' and 'show' and my mind immediately goes to Friends. I'm obsessed- I've seen every episode 100 times and it never gets old haha Cilantro is aces in my book! But with great power comes great responsibility and there's always too much of a good thing haha Hi Estarriol! That's true! The inspiration is actually super dorky. I'm a big theme park/disney nerd so all of my characters are the more obscure disney characters haha. I have Pascal (Rapnuzel's pet), Litwak (Wreck-it Ralph arcade owner), Yzma, Pelekai (Lilos last name), the list goes on haha Favorite type of cheese is 100% provolone. It's always my go to with sandwiches and wraps since I'm a big fan of buffalo too. I'm a simple man lol I don't know much about planets and space, but if I'm gunna be exploring this place I'd definitely want it to have LOTS of water to swim in and friendly non-scary animals and no bugs xD (I also just got back from the beach so honestly all I want to do is go back to another beach, even if it is in another galaxy) Hi Jocelyn!! SIMS! I LOVE THE SIMS! I've honestly purchased entirely too many of the expansion/game/stuff packs I think I'm only missing a couple at this point. Half the time I end up making a whole family just to build the house and decorate it and not even play through it lol. The decorating part is definitely the part I enjoy the most (probably similar to why I like transmog haha) although the gameplay in eco lifestyle kept me busy for a minute! I have a little pug at home so I I'd say picking on him has become a daily ritual for sure. I think bowties are 100% my favorite too! However, I'd have to go with penne if I'm eating it for the rest of my life... I feel like it's more usable with every type of sauce and I'd never get sick of them Ooo hard choice. If it was for me to have one, I'd probably say phoenix just because less maintenance. Even if I am terrible at taking care of it and it dies, it will just come back to life. I feel like I'd end up with a burned down home with a pet dragon. Now to pick one to casually live in a world and coexist with, dragons 100% because flying all the time! I'm not sure which are the three common things haha but it's gotta be the disney character Pascal just because he's so cute :)
  2. Hello! I'm Pascal (friends with Niia who recently posted an app). I currently intend on playing a Restoration Druid for Shadowlands, but mained a disc priest for BFA and have most other healers at max level. I am willing to be flexible if the guild needs something different from me :) I started playing in Wotlk and have dabbled in every expansion since then. I really committed to the game in Legion where I was actively healing in a mythic raiding in a guild with Niia and eventually started to play classic when that launched. Now I'm excited for the next adventure that awaits. I love healing- I've always played a healer, however, the biggest problem with classic for me was the lack of challenging content- I'm glad to be back to a game that has many options when it comes to increasing difficulty. As of right now, I'm spending most of my time leveling alts in preparation for Shadowlands (and I'm also pretty addicted to Teamfight Tactics if anyone has played that)! As far as the real life goes, I'm just a normal guy that works in the Florida Hospitality Industry. I play WoW to relieve stress from work, and I'm glad that your guild seems to have zero tolerance for childish nonsense. As a part of the LGBTQ+ community, a sense of inclusion is essential. I'm glad that you take a point to mention inclusion and community because those are both important to me and I know they would be for others. Self accountability is also huge for a game like WoW (especially when progressing on mythic content) and I'm glad that self-improvement is listed as a requirement as well. We should always be striving to play our best, but at the end of the day it's about the people you are playing with more than anything and giving that feedback in a way that's right for that person. My online time may be slightly limited until the prepatch hits, as I'm focusing on some other stuff in preparation, however I am always available on Discord @Pascal#8695, and I can be online for anything if needed. Thank you for reading this wall of text and I'm excited to meet all of you!
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