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  1. Banana hospice is an honorable and noble profession
  2. 1. What song for you would be played on a loop in hell to torture you? Hmmm I think if it were any song I know, then it would be a pretty lame hell. Like I need a more bespoke hell soundtrack: something with screams and the gaping spiritual silence that comes right before bad news. Something like that. 2. What was something you thought would be easy until you tried it? Answering question number 1 3. What's the worst or best purchase you've ever made? Worst- I haven't entered or purchased anything from Gamestop in years after a problem with a
  3. Might also choose to main Mage, havent decided. If so Malosuerte is his name
  4. Hail and well met! Ive been playing wow since vanilla, but seriously since end of BC. I enjoy wpvp, rp, and raiding for the gear and story. Im moving to this server with my wife Clairemont, and our friend Jasnah (maybe different toon name), and they are associates of Jim. From the CoC I like the description of "If you choose to behave poorly, you have made that choice for all of us." Ive never heard it put quite like that. IRL Im 33, work in data center tech administration, and like all kindsa games, mostly on the cyberpunk 2077 and assassins cre
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