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  1. I read the rules and agree whole heartedly with them. I play the game to escape real life drama, don't wanna deal with that during my "play-time"
  2. ^ btw - goofy pic of me at halloween (Phedra) ^
  3. Hello all! My name is Erinne and my character name is the same Just joined Caelum Meirium Legion in Aion. I have 3 kids and I run a rabbit sanctuary in Franklin, TN. If you wanna know more about what I do and why visit www.adoptabunny.net I spend my free time playing Aion and reading lots and lots of books. I've been playing Aion since beta and am still hooked, but am anxiously awaiting GW2. I also have a few characters in WOW, but dont play it too often. Thanks for inviting me, everyone seems very nice and friendly!
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