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  1. Arez

    Im off!

    Hey everyone just would like to say I'm going away now I'll be back Aug 16, GL everyone progress hard Bye
  2. Read, and I agree to all the rules.
  3. Hi, I have talked to you on vent, your a cool guy. I think your Gram's friend, "Mage Bro's". Your App looks good I'm not the recruiter just to let you know, I just raid with Academy. Good Luck
  4. Yeah he did great raiding with Academy, good guy.
  5. This guild is the best

    1. Ashin


      aww what'd we do? :p

  6. Were did you guys get those awesome Sig's btw
  7. First of I would like to thank you for the opportunity to apply to a great raiding guild. My name is Joshua Gill, but please call me Josh. I have just turned 21 years old about 2 ½ weeks ago. I am a male. The time zone that I am in is EST so 1 hour ahead of (CST) server time. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I am an active player throughout the week/ week-ends. I get of work at 5:00 PM Server time so I can 100% make raid times for SoH. Even during work I should be on to chat. __________________________________________
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