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  1. Very well. Good luck, thank you for your time.
  2. Yeah I know, true, but since I was playing with ppl that often lose attention and get zoned out, pulling trash and messing up, I tired to prevet that. Well, since I haven't had a chance to learn how HM works and the prorities of it. Seems like War Academy, Field Dressing, and Deep Wounds is what I will go with, since that need of extra dps on HM. I'm just a bit used to playing with 15 year olds, fucking up and pulling random trash, such and so on. So I choose the points in blitz and gag order. But it does make good sense for that extra dps on HM, def going to respec.
  3. Ashin: There really was no parcticular reason for me to pick you guys. I just have been going on through a few guilds, and their guild names, and progression. Since most of them are HM modes as well I focused on the most interesting, and appealing guild name. South Of Heaven would look nice under my name. Then again, new guild, new people, harder/further progression than my previous guilds. I just hope I'm up to it, since I haven't had a chance to honorably fight along the side of such hardcore players as yourself. As for the so called "chastity vow" that's not exactly accurate. What I meant was, I just completely left PvP behind and switched to PvE for the fun of it. For the competition between guilds in progression and interaction between guildies during PvE end game raids. It's not that I don't like it, and have anything against. I just don't have the desire to thrive upon PvP anymore. I've done it for a while.... I still have my Centurion title back from Vanilla honor system days. Love it. Hip: I use the Heroic Strike for higher threat, as well as for extra dps, since it deals a nice amount of damage. And Shield Block is used quite often, though mostly for high damage intake moments. Example: running to the middle during Ragnaros fight, for when seeds spawn, and if Rag is currently being tanked by me, depending on the tanks stacks. Though yet again, it's just a 30sec cooldown, and then there's Shield Wall and Last Stand. As for the "mean and strict" story, it's not just something I do in the game. I use it in my everyday life. "No pain, No gain.'' I know that being polite and friendly, gets shit done as well, but mean and strict though professional gets it done most of the time. Inevitably I knew you'd be talking to my past guildies. That doesn't concern me though, but I asure you whatever they might say about me, negative that is, I will prove wrong. I'm assuming you have talked to the certain person about that specific occurance with "mean and strict", and from what I know, that person doesn't agree with me about being mean, and pushing them to step it up. Matter a fact, that's becaue I brought it up just a few days ago, and the person denied that, that happened. Which by the way, that's exactly what happened. They're just young, oblivious, and a little ignorant to realize it. For when this person, was complaing about the guilds raid progression, dungeons, heroics, and personal in game needs, I just simply called them out on their complaints and "put them in their place". Ever since then the person has been gradually interacting more with guildies, and putting more effort into the guild, etc. That's why the person is now currently the new Guild Master of the Immortal Elites, and not me. For when we started to lose people (which I couldn't get a chance to be "mean and strict" to, since they left, I didn't bother) I started to lose interest in helping, and just simply got sick of constant worthless effort with no results. In the end though, I suggest that you personally see and give me a good solid try to see what I really am like, and how I play. You can only learn so much from what people tell you, rather than from experience. -Always. Ever. Even when I'm not.
  4. ^I totaly respect that, it's just how I am. Nice hasn't gotten me anywhere, by which I mean it can be applied to many things irl, so... mean and strict is my way to go, I'm really, really chill though.
  5. Thank you. I'll try to be simple and clear. I tend to use the heroic throw for after taunt damage/aggro, depending on how far mobs, bosses are from me. I just feel like taunt isn't enough to hold aggro tryin to pick up a mob, boss from afar, since I also have dpsers nuking the shit out of the certain mob, boss I'm supposed to tank. It's worked pretty well so far, if you're uncertain of it, I'm willing to respec and adapt of course. As for blitz I had it in War Academy right before today, I'm pretty quick and reactive when it comes to movement and picking things up, so I thought I'd see how that talent bonus would work for me. I tend to use charge at the closet range available for additional rage, and stun. and also heroic leap for the lost run speed. I use it A LOT. I figured more mastery instead of the run speed, since I can just heroic leap. Haven't had a problem with movement so far either. And I've been in Fury all day... doing dailies, thanks for the heads up... I just realized where my second War Academy point went when I respeced today... I meant to put 2 it in Cruelty not Blood Craze. Pure ignorace there, I was in a hurry, I remembered to repsec with a minor mistake. Shit. Thank god for BS ehh? I was low on BS a few days ago. Didn't have a chance to work on it, since I was busy with the guild and raiding. Thank you for remindming me. And shoving pure mastery in those suckers! "It's not about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get it, and keep going" XD No seriously, mastery over stam. I'm good on parry and dodge, with dodge being 1% higher since the extra 1% parry from raid buffs, so more mastery it is. Orc racial as tank? I'm not sure what you mean by that. And I really have no idea about the title. I'd have to think about it, and choose from possibe choices. Cool question. I hope this all makes sense. Yet again, willing to respec and adapt. -Always. Ever. Even when I'm not.
  6. Thanks, lol no... it changed my format after I posted =/ I fixed most of it, but I didn't noticed the long paragraphs ugh
  7. Great, your site messed up my format. =P double words woot
  8. South Of Heaven: I Narox, warriorof the Horde bow before you. Requesting your immediate audience to beevalutated and considered into joining your Guilds ranks. I insist that youread and review my application thoroughly. If therefore any errors or misleadsoccur, please inform me immediately, and ask thereafter raised questions. Alrighty…seriously, that format is killing me. Anyway. I wasn’t recommened or informed byany of your members, wether you’re currently recruiting tanks or not. I’m justlooking for a new guild and new people to enojy the game with. I have been inthe Immortal Elites for the past 5 months or so as the CO-leader. Yeah, laughat the name, I know… Our guild master has been gone for the past month, andit’s been really rough to keep the guild together. We’ve been spending weekstrying to get our core together. It just isn’t working out. Mostly healers.After a certain amount of time, I decided to leave, even though I still am amember of IE, I’m willing to gquit if this applications is accepted. I’m justlooking to start fresh in a way, not necessarily looking to have a spot in oneof your raiding groups right away, but just to become friendly with the guildand work my way up. Though since from what I know, you guys aren’t looking fortanks, it leaves the judgement and decision to you. Here’s some info about mycharacter. Personal: 20 years old Independent,friendly, trustworthy, hates slackers and doesn’t tolerate consistant fuck ups if I may say. VENT, Teamspeak,etc, can be installed and used if required. Working headset, and microphone. Specs; GeForce EVGA GTX460, AMD Phenom™ x6 1090T 3.75 GHz, 12G I usually run on100-300 Latency (home/world), 60fps. Gear / Armory: Here’s my link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormreaver/Narox/simple Please ask questions concerning my spec,etc. I’m needing justa few more pieces from Normal Mode to perhaps start doing some Heroic Modeprogression, though I’m probably a little behind. I don’t have anyPvP pieces/sets. I have been a pvper throughout my entire WoW gameplay up untilCataclysm. Though, Vanilla PvP gear was used quite much for raiding back in theday. I have decided to be all PvE for Cataclysm and upcoming expansions. Idon’t do much pvp these days, but if needed I could get back into it. Availability for raids: Tues / Wed /Thurs, 8pm EST works just fine. My only excuse for not showing up for a raidwould be work, nothing else. Other personal needs, real-life things are plannedout and organized. Experience in raids: Vanilla -ZG/AQ20/Ony/MC/BWL/AQ40 BC - Kara/Gruul/TK/SSC/Hyjal/BT/Sunwel WOTLK – Skipped the whole thing, I was on abreak, school, family, work, etc. Cataclysm- 4/4 BoT (10), 6/6 BWD (10), 2/2 TotFW (10), 7/7Firelands (10), I can link all achievements in game. Closing statement: I tend to behelpful, and productive for myself, the guild, and guild memebers. I’ll be upfor runing dungeon Heroics even though I’m capped, helping people get moregeared and such. I can be a real douche sometimes, but that’s only cause I’mtrying to help someone out, make them work harder and so on. Being “nice”doesn’t get shit done. I have several alts: Maldath 85 MMHunter, Ghrall 64 Holy Paladin (Twink) and some other low level ones. Thanks for your time, have a good one! - Always. Ever.Even when I’m not.
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