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  1. Hey all, Browsing through my own spread-out and oft times sporadic history on these forums pretty much mirrors my gaming history: my first ever foray into the MMO world was PSO on the dreamcast, followed by a long stint with the beta of Shattered Galaxy (not an MMO per se). I then settled into DAoC for my longest-at-a-single-time dedication to one game (which you'll see can be a fleety thing for me). Played WoW for a little when it first came out but not for long... though every now and then I would jump back on (pretty much right before expansions). Built up a lot of internal hype for WAR
  2. Kysa


    grats to all (esp. me)!
  3. Kysa

    old friend

    Hey guys, It's been a long time! Not that I have loads of free time, but I am trying to start playing something again. WoW? Sure why not. Playing with y'all was lots of fun. (So was stalking the boards...) Hope to hear from you soon! Much love, KYSA
  4. Congrats man! Dont forget, Mighty Taco and Teds Red Hots for all your fast food needs! Everything fine here, just beating the heat

  5. Whats up man!

  6. greetings! .. though I dunno I'm still confused/not sure I buy it
  7. Kysa


    hey guys, you guys seem like a great group, and I am interested in joining the guild.
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