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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/63mtuc/heroes_of_the_storm_20_and_cassia_live_qa/dfw2fdo/?context=3


    We might be getting a more official word on the hero xp conversion to 2.0, and therefore more accurate tools from the community. Don't know how knife's-edge any of you guys are getting with it, but I just hit projected player level 500 and I seriously doubt 600 is on the table, so I'm not really worrying about my levels anymore.

  2. It looks a lot to me like he's all about placing your W in useful places and blowing them up with your Q when you need to do damage. I'm not sure what role the damage turret really plays, it seems almost entirely ancillary. I haven't gone onto the PTR yet though.

  3. Zul'jin is now live, as well. I've been watching Mewnfarez play him today and he kind of seems like a raynor who can do a bit more. I only expect him to be a major problem if we have a situation where we just can't close the deal on a kill and he has a morales or tassadar, or maybe a rehgar, behind him.

  4. http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/blog/20407400/heroes-of-the-storm-patch-notes-january-4-2017-1-4-2017



    • Azmodan Buffs (Mostly for E)
    • Syvlanas Changes
      • Paralysis Removed
      • Mind Control Buffed
    • 3 heroes granted Armor (Percentage damage reduction)
      • Greymane gets 10 Armor in worgen form
      • Arthas gets 15 Physical Armor passively
      • Anub'arak gets 25 Physical Armor passively, and loses 10% max health


    So Anub'arak gets shredded even harder by the autoattack meta. At least I was never that good with him.

  5. This one's actually going live on Wednesday.




    • Global Abilities Nerf
    • Li-Ming Calamity Nerf
    • Samuro Nerfs
    • Zeratul Q Buffs :Confused:
    • Varian Adjustments
      • Nerf to Twin Blades + Second Wind Synergy
      • Buff to Taunt spec
    • Nazeebo Buffs
    • Kharazim Adustments
      • Nerf to Iron Fists damage and to Earth Ally
      • Buff to mobility on W
    • Anub'arak Health Buff
    • Sanctification CD Nerf
  6. I'm so excited for this patch. It's PTR notes, so this won't be live until it's live, but IT'S COMING.


    Notes subject to change and I may or may not update my notes. :p




    Cliff's Notes:


    Ranked Season 3

    • Hero League is solo queue only
    • Team League queues will be 2, 3, or 5 players.
      • 2- or 3-player parties must obey previous ranking rules and can only queue if they are all within one league of each other.
      • 2- or 3-player parties matched up with each other have to coordinate their draft as there will still be no set draft order.
    • Gold and Silver league will be adjusted to contain a more similar number of players
    • Diamond league will contain half the number of players it does now


    New Stuff

    • Ragnaros arrives :D <3
    • Haunted mines is reworked and returns to rotation


    Hero Changes

    • Chromie Buffs
    • Rehgar Buffs
    • Artanis Rework - Huge Buffs
    • Dehaka Rework - Huge Buffs except no more hardened shield
    • Diablo Rework - Huge Buffs



  7. Presented by Srey on Reddit! He was the #1 Hero League player for a long time and still plays a fuckton.


    The rest of the post is a pretty interesting read, as well.




    Battlefield of Eternity - Solo top, 4 bot. No rotation unless ganking. Waveclear not important. Yes, single-target for Immortal race.

    Blackheart’s Bay - Solo bot, 4 rotate mid/top. Waveclear important for mid/top. Need 1 or more Heroes to solo Merc camps.

    Braxis Holdout - Solo top, 4 bot. No rotation unless ganking. Waveclear tiny significance. Globals are very strong.

    Cursed Hollow - Split 3-1-1 or 1-1-1 and have duo ganking. No rotation unless duo ganks. Waveclear not important. Globals are very strong.

    Dragon Shire - Solo top, 4 rotate mid/bot. Waveclear very important. Globals are strong.

    Garden of Terror - Split 3-1-1 or 1-1-1 and have duo ganking. No rotation unless duo ganks. Globals and Heroes that can solo Merc are very strong.

    Infernal Shrines - Solo top, rotate mid/bot. Waveclear important. Globals are good, requires at least 1 Hero to do Shrines effectively.

    Sky Temple - Split 3-1-1 or 1-1-1 and have duo ganking. Try to rotate and secure vision, especially for first Temple phase. Waveclear is OK. Globals are extremely strong.

    Tomb of the Spider Queen - Bot solo, rotate mid/top. Waveclear extremely important. Heroes that win lanes and delay turn-ins are strong.

    Towers of Doom - Split 3-1-1, 1-1-1 and have duo ganking, or have top solo and rotate mid/bot. Waveclear not important. Globals and solo merc Heroes are strong.

    Warhead Junction - Split 3-1-1 or 1-1-1 and have duo ganking. Waveclear is OK. Globals are OP.

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