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  1. Darlantan

    Cohort Proposal - ESO

    Moved to Policy and Leadership =)
  2. Darlantan

    Cohort Proposal - Destiny 2

    Moved to Policy and Leadership =)
  3. Darlantan

    HotS - Hanamura PSA

    Out. Done. Finished. Given the Haunted Mines treatment. Big news.
  4. Darlantan

    HotS - Hanamura PSA

    Oh hello there! =) It's been a lonnnnng time. I'll remember to add you next time I'm on.
  5. Darlantan

    HotS 2.0 Update

    Oh, and the next hero is Cassia the Amazon from D2.
  6. Darlantan

    HotS 2.0 Update

    Yup! Mumble. Pretty consistent lately.
  7. Darlantan

    HotS 2.0 Update

    I just updated it. I thought I'd kept up with all the updates but I guess I missed at least yours.
  8. Darlantan

    HotS 2.0 Update

    Nice! And more games in the future I hope. :3
  9. Darlantan

    HotS 2.0 Update

    No, the btag list hasn't been maintained. Most of the people there aren't around anymore but if you know who you're looking for you can probably find them.
  10. Darlantan

    HotS 2.0 Update

    We have a btag list here, if you hop in and are looking to join. http://www.sohguild.com/index.php?/topic/10391-battle-tag-list/ Orrrrr, we're usually in mumble.
  11. If our first game is an omen, tonight will be a good night.



    1. Kestrel


      How were you top hero damage on Johanna? Teach me your ways, I feel like I'm hitting with a wet noodle instead of a flail.

    2. Darlantan


      I was able to jebait the other team over and over and over, and just spam W and Q on them while timing trait usage to kite them around. Also aiming blind on their zul'jin and artanis, and timing it well, to keep their damage down helps a lot in terms of staying in the fight and hitting people. I went with the battle momentum talent at 7 to keep spamming abilities, too.


      Mostly it's because neither team had much damage, and blind counters most of what the other guys can do. :D It helped a lot that the other johanna went falling sword and their varian didn't have taunt, lol.

  12. Darlantan

    HotS 2.0 Update

    https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/63mtuc/heroes_of_the_storm_20_and_cassia_live_qa/dfw2fdo/?context=3 We might be getting a more official word on the hero xp conversion to 2.0, and therefore more accurate tools from the community. Don't know how knife's-edge any of you guys are getting with it, but I just hit projected player level 500 and I seriously doubt 600 is on the table, so I'm not really worrying about my levels anymore.
  13. Darlantan

    By the Way...

    Season 10 starts tonight. I'll be playing a wizard as always. :3
  14. Darlantan

    By the Way...

    Tilly's playing a crusader! We're going to click all the things.
  15. Darlantan

    HotS 2.0 Update

    Pog. Champ. Just yes. Give me all the things.
  16. Darlantan

    It's so Cute!

    It looks a lot to me like he's all about placing your W in useful places and blowing them up with your Q when you need to do damage. I'm not sure what role the damage turret really plays, it seems almost entirely ancillary. I haven't gone onto the PTR yet though.
  17. Henrdick's has such a cool website. https://us.hendricksgin.com/

    1. Grieve


      They have good Gin!

    2. Ashin


      That henrdick tho.

    3. Darlantan


      One of the best kinds of dick.

  18. Darlantan

    HotS - 1/4/17 Patch

    http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/blog/20407400/heroes-of-the-storm-patch-notes-january-4-2017-1-4-2017 Notables: Azmodan Buffs (Mostly for E) Syvlanas Changes Paralysis Removed Mind Control Buffed 3 heroes granted Armor (Percentage damage reduction) Greymane gets 10 Armor in worgen form Arthas gets 15 Physical Armor passively Anub'arak gets 25 Physical Armor passively, and loses 10% max health RAYNOR HYPERION BUG FIXED So Anub'arak gets shredded even harder by the autoattack meta. At least I was never that good with him.
  19. Darlantan

    HotS - 1/4/17 Patch

    Zul'jin is now live, as well. I've been watching Mewnfarez play him today and he kind of seems like a raynor who can do a bit more. I only expect him to be a major problem if we have a situation where we just can't close the deal on a kill and he has a morales or tassadar, or maybe a rehgar, behind him.
  20. Darlantan

    HotS - Spending Time in Try Mode

    Plus some examples with Thrall, Sylvanas, and Jaina
  21. Darlantan


    Devil forever imo Definitely came back to something better than what we brought home from White Elephant at the family Christmas party! lol
  22. Definitely getting sick. All I want to do is sleep - rip weekend :/

  23. Darlantan

    HotS - PTR Patch December 5

    I'm so excited for this patch. It's PTR notes, so this won't be live until it's live, but IT'S COMING. Notes subject to change and I may or may not update my notes. http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/blog/20379591/heroes-of-the-storm-ptr-patch-notes-december-5-12-5-2016 Cliff's Notes: Ranked Season 3 Hero League is solo queue only Team League queues will be 2, 3, or 5 players. 2- or 3-player parties must obey previous ranking rules and can only queue if they are all within one league of each other. 2- or 3-player parties matched up with each other have to coordinate their draft as there will still be no set draft order. Gold and Silver league will be adjusted to contain a more similar number of players Diamond league will contain half the number of players it does now New Stuff Ragnaros arrives <3 Haunted mines is reworked and returns to rotation Hero Changes Chromie Buffs Rehgar Buffs Artanis Rework - Huge Buffs Dehaka Rework - Huge Buffs except no more hardened shield Diablo Rework - Huge Buffs