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  1. We were keeping him safe in Lok Tar Inedit. Also, if he ever says "This will be cake", be prepared for a long night.
  2. Of course! I don't want Cuddles tarnishing my reputation!
  3. Sounds great, thank you! And yes, Cuddles is my girlfriend(don't be so shocked JJ/Cal).
  4. Hello Ashin, At the moment I'm leveling a Shaman(Beijo) with Cuddlmuffin and a Pal(Rebentomar) on my own. My pal will probably be 85 1st I'd imagine, but I'm not really sure which I am going to play to be honest. And yes, a social role is all I'm really looking for at the moment. I can't raid as productively as i would like, so the plan is to get a new PC before Mists. If that happens I'd most likely start raiding again. As far as my raid experience, in TBC I cleared from Kara through Illidan as progression content(excluding a few T5 bosses). In Wrath I cleared up to 8/13 in Uld before I took a break from raiding, then came back in ToGC and cleared 1/5 HM25 and did 10man tribute runs. At that time all my friends had left the guild or stopped playing all together(I believe JJ was out of the country and Cal had joined another guild) so I took another small break from wow. Since then I haven't done much progression raiding, I tanked ICC10 HMs for our drakes, but it was after a few nerfs. And in Cata everything went to crap with our guild so I haven't been raiding much. I have cleared all of T11 normal but no HM's, and only 5 bosses in FL. I just recently reactivated so I haven't done any DS outside of LFR. In case you're wondering I played a Shadowpriest from Kara to ToGC, then I tanked as a feral druid in ToGC and ICC. The shadowpriest is Deadalive and the dru is Edalam, both on Altar of Storms. From the time I joined our old guild till we killed Illidan I raided with 100% attendence, and again from Naxx to Uld. I hope JJ and Cal will vouch that I have always taken an active interest in the guild I'm in and use the forums quite frequently. In fact I still use our old guilds forums even though they are pretty much dead. Sorry for the long post haha. If there's anything I forgot , just let me know. Thank you. Edit: Here are the armory links http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/altar-of-storms/Deadalive/simple http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/altar-of-storms/Edalam/simple Ignore their gear, I haven't really played them this expansion And I didn't link my toons on Stormreaver, they are only 6 and 9 atm.
  5. Well there was that one time JJ assaulted a poor old lady with a weather balloon. I don't think he wants me to talk about that though haha. Unfortunately Cal is pretty squeaky clean as far as I know. Unless trying to weasel your way into playing Ret instead of healing raids counts(ya Cal, I said it).
  6. Hello SoH, I am an old guildmate of JJones and Cal's back on their previous server Altar of Storms. I'm looking for a place(along with Cuddlmuffin) to level up in and play with fun people. All I know about the guild is what JJ and Cal have told me but it sounds like a good place to be. I don't intend to do any serious end-game in this expansion, just looking for some cool people to play and chat with. I played with JJ and Cal for probably 3 years or so in our old guild, which is now dead, so I'm trying to find a new home. Hopefully they will vouch for me I am 23 years old and have played wow since the beginning of The Burning Crusade. Most of that time was spent raiding or doing arenas, with occasional breaks here and there. I only just made a toon here today so I'm a lowbie, but hopefully will be 85 soon enough if all goes well. That's all the relevant info I can think of for now, I'd be happy to answer any other questions. Thank you!
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