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  1. done and check. thanks for the invite and the welcome
  2. read and understood. /sign
  3. Going over those few things in here might work better since I may or may not log in today.
  4. hi all and thank you for the warm welcome
  5. First the basics. My name is Francisco, and I'm a 23 year old engineer. I've played World of Warcraft since I was 16 but I can no longer dedicate all the time I used to to this game. I've raided with multiple characters, the role I'm better at is healing and the class I enjoy the most is the druid. Before that I played a hunter (during vanilla) and a mage (end of vanilla, until Sunwell Plateu patch). I have cleared most of the content this game has to offer (while current) minus AQ40, Naxx 40, and 7 bosses of this expansion. By the time Firelands came out I decided to stop raiding. I was burned out and forcing schedules a lot in order to be able to raid. After a long break of not raiding I started joining groups of friends that needed a player to be able to raid, that's how I got my gear and my DS progression. Nowadays I have found myself wanting to get back into raiding but my current guild can't offer me a schedule that I can work with. A few days ago I wrote a post in the Guild Recruitment Forums saying some of the stuff I mentioned above, and Ashin left me a short but interesting reply that basically mentioned all I was looking for. After talking for a while I decided to go ahead and post this in your forums. As far as other games go I tried Aion and Rift when they were launched but I never liked them as much as WoW. I also played SC2, LoL and I'm currently playing Diablo 3 and MoP beta every now and then. Armory: http://us.battle.net...Ojetex/advanced RealID: f_j_a_m_89@rocketmail.com (feel free to add me, just include some reference in the note field) Thanks for your time.
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