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    Cars, computers, hobby rc racing, GW2..obviuosly..LOL

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  1. I have read and understand the conditions and rules of the guild and swear to bide to them.
  2. sorry character name should be Angryclaymore, but most people when i played wow called me Angry, even if it is a misnomer.
  3. Hi, my name is Chris. I was an avid WOW player for years, an a member of The Art of War guild. I am looking to do manly pve gaming, dungeons, and fun running. Might do pvp if i can learn the ropes and run with some cool people. I am manly looking to have fun and chat with some cool people while playing gw2, always better I found running with people here to have and not take the game to a ridicuilous level of seriousness, drama not need apply. Luckily loot and gear arguments shouldn't a problem with GW2 yeah. Hope to be accepted to this guild.
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