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  1. Mezmereyes

    hi ! Coming to GW2

    Thanks all. Got mumble downloaded and set up I think. I'll try it out tomorrow. Looking forward to a new game and new friends!
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    Code of Conduct

    read and signed : ) Mezmereyes
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    hi ! Coming to GW2

    Mezmereyes is a new "name" for me. I have played with Feramoan and she knows me under another name from Aion, but in this game, I'd like to have a fresh start and not be known to that toon name. It's just that with the slow death of Aion, many of my friends have long left the game. Those left in my Aion legion are going to another server and basically have not asked me to join them. I can understand really. They are young, I am a tad older. Not saying how much cause it doesn't matter : ) I'm looking forward to making new friends and playing with Fera again. I used to roleplay a few years back <cough> on AOL, vampires and such, I know i know, but hey, it was the thing at the time. I'm a little shy at first, so bare with me : )