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  1. Shadowjake

    The first champion you ever bought.

    So I have been playing this since beta so I had access to all the champs wheen I started, but when they opened the store I bought yi teemo and jax.
  2. Streamin some league of legends if any one wants to watch http://www.livestream.com/shadowjake sorry if the quality is bad =(

  3. Shadowjake

    So.... season 3

    I'm in
  4. Shadowjake

    Re-Application Shadowjake

    My warrior is my favorite. I always like to charge stuff a wreak havoc in any game i play.
  5. Shadowjake

    Re-Application Shadowjake

    I'm posting here to get a fresh start because my first app was bad, even if I want to be a friend I should at least given you the full respect that people trying to apply as members/raiders give. Hi my name Jacob, my in-game is Shadowjake. I am 21 years old and i work as a cook at a lazer tag place called Wazee's World. I am working on my associate's in IT and enjoy playing video games. I have raided with Kantankerous, Mytralala, Longtotem and Mordigrim during WOTLK and some of Cataclysm. I am looking to become social status for your WoW Chapter and help with anything else if needed. Here are links to my characters Shadowjake Warrior : Fury/Protection http://us.battle.net...adowjake/simple Shadowfláme Mage : Arcane/Fire http://us.battle.net...dowfláme/simple Shadowthunda Shaman : Elemental/Restoration http://us.battle.net...owthunda/simple I Usually play during the night time so if you have any questions post them here. Thank you for your time and sorry for the bad impression i gave when i first applied.
  6. Shadowjake

    Season 2 Championships

    Who are you rooting for to win this year? I'm hoping that CLG.eu wins.
  7. Shadowjake

    Dayum, dayum, DAYUM!

    Oh my goodness
  8. Shadowjake

    League Time

    Me and mytra usually play league every night and we need more peeps to play. How bout tonight after the broncos game.
  9. Shadowjake

    Attack Speed Nautils OP

    Me and Mytra(Slappadabayas) owning the scrubs
  10. Shadowjake

    One kill a minute

    Its garfield IRL
  11. Shadowjake

    One kill a minute

    Title Says it all
  12. Shadowjake

    League Usernames

    my user name is Shadowjake
  13. Shadowjake

    Code of Conduct

    I Agree to the code of conduct. Love, Shadowjake
  14. Shadowjake

    Shadowjake GW2 App

    are we still like calvin and cline?
  15. Shadowjake

    Shadowjake GW2 App

    I thought your wernt playing guild wars hes the only one that was