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  1. Streamin some league of legends if any one wants to watch http://www.livestream.com/shadowjake sorry if the quality is bad =(

  2. My warrior is my favorite. I always like to charge stuff a wreak havoc in any game i play.
  3. I'm posting here to get a fresh start because my first app was bad, even if I want to be a friend I should at least given you the full respect that people trying to apply as members/raiders give. Hi my name Jacob, my in-game is Shadowjake. I am 21 years old and i work as a cook at a lazer tag place called Wazee's World. I am working on my associate's in IT and enjoy playing video games. I have raided with Kantankerous, Mytralala, Longtotem and Mordigrim during WOTLK and some of Cataclysm. I am looking to become social status for your WoW Chapter and help with anything else if needed. Here are links to my characters Shadowjake Warrior : Fury/Protection http://us.battle.net...adowjake/simple Shadowfláme Mage : Arcane/Fire http://us.battle.net...dowfláme/simple Shadowthunda Shaman : Elemental/Restoration http://us.battle.net...owthunda/simple I Usually play during the night time so if you have any questions post them here. Thank you for your time and sorry for the bad impression i gave when i first applied.
  4. I Agree to the code of conduct. Love, Shadowjake
  5. are we still like calvin and cline?
  6. I thought your wernt playing guild wars hes the only one that was
  7. I am looking to join your guild as a friend on GW2. I am friends with mytralala.
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