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  1. Read and signed! Woot woot!
  2. I drink tea with Phasevii, but I am totally a coffee drinker. French Press, Moka, or Cold Brew. Have you ever had the chance to try La Colombe?
  3. Your intro was so much better than mine -_- Writing is not my strongest; What I lack in that I make up for with Axes...many axes.
  4. Some things to note out of the virtual world. I am a Graphic Artist and Illustrator. I work as a Sign Artist. You can see some of my stuff at RyanRitchey.Carbonmade.com Figured some might enjoy knowing a bit more about me.
  5. Phasevii is her Forum name. Tauréa is her Guardian and Arrowroot is her Thief.
  6. I played most mmos such as DaoC, EQ, Shadowbane, GW, City of Heros, Warhammer, Planetside. I put most of my time into Star Wars Galaxy and World of Warcraft. I also play many other genres: FPS, RPG, Strategy, MOBA (LOL). Not sure if anyone is interested in tcg, I play a fair amount of Magic the Gathering. I enjoy nerdy things. I like turtle
  7. Hello all! I am interested in helping South of Heaven grow, Vesper introduced me to the guild back in August. I was given the change at entering, but I had split my time between it with another - and that was not right. Now I have a level 80 Necromancer and Warrior who I play regularly, and I am looking to join a serious guild. I am primarily a PVE player, but I do some WvW and sPVP. I mostly just enjoy hanging out with different players in the world. My girlfriend will also be applying, and we are generally playing together. I heard from Ferramoan that this community has many couples. My playtime is generally during the evening after work. I hope I can be given the opportunity to meet all of you! Thanks! Dropship/Vancelot
  8. Read through, sounds like my kind of place!
  9. Hey all, I'd like to join SoH, I am a pretty casual player looking to really get into GW2. Vesper recommended I join, we know each other IRL. I have a pretty long history with MMOs and games in general! I hope to get to know you all soon! Thanks, Dropship
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