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  1. I agree with the CoC Glad to reconnect with SoH
  2. Brain freeze! \o/ welcome brohan!!
  3. Short attention span, trying to pack, one room down, but keep getting distracted! >.<

  4. i love my guild, can't get any better than this right?

  5. Pretty straight forward! Glad this guild has standards! And Read and Understood all of it!
  6. Yeah I get that alot! Boken is a wooden practice japaneese sword. Lol
  7. My priest name is now Boken. Thanks guys im pretty stoked. Excited to get to know yall (again) hehe.
  8. Id like to join the guild! Just transferred my healer from Misha server to Yalls server! Im Flips brother, my healer is 85 holy / disc spec ilevel is 342 (workin on it) Need more info lemme know
  9. Oh really that bad huh? Well Maybe I must look somewhere else where theres more love involved!
  10. Hi Im Boken lvl 20 Shadow Warrior, FLIPS lil Brudder! hah I would like to join yall since i come from the Higher uberness lineage! Im tired of these twinkie guilds!
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