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  1. I'm enjoying it. I think people get overly emo about class balance. I've been used to being underpowered as a shaman in WoW and it wasn't ever that bad. As long as you aren't retarded, you can still excel. My playtime is kind of wonky atm and I'm trying to set up some sort of schedule for it. I'm planning on playing evenings more often, but I will be playing days when I'm off work too. Just trying to figure out what the rest of you guys do.

  2. Do you mostly play during the day, Murdeth?

    How are you liking Blackguard? I like mine so far, even though people seem to think they suck for some reason.

  3. Just popping in to say "Hi" to everyone. I've had WAR since launch, but haven't played much up until recently. I've been in a top US raiding guild in WoW for the past 2 years and, quite frankly, enough is enough. I've tried just about every class in WAR and have decided to roll a Blackguard on Dark Crag. Tanking in WAR really interests me. A little about myself: I'm an engineer that works shift work (2 days, 2 nights, 4 off) so I'm around a lot (just not those 2 nights a week). I play guitar and bass and enjoy driving very fast cars. I was attracted to your guild because you seem like a mature, talented crew (which I'm used to). Also, you guys are still in an early stage and, with me being a complete reroll, I find that pretty attractive. Anyhow, I just started my 4 days off, so I'll be online grinding out some levels fairly frequently. See you in-game.
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