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  1. Nice, yeah most guilds nowadays use discord.. I love it and thanks, i look forward to suffering many more hours next friday :P
  2. Hello @Ashin, Currently im retired from wow, even though my account are open.. I play division 2, d3, ark, and as my first post many more.. lol.. i pretty much play whatever @Nyishamakes me buy.. lol... Anyways.. Whats up everyone..
  3. we were having a great family night together
  4. While i cant say im not saddened by the loss of my AssHeart, since you cant verify if you find it an acceptable first impression, ive removed it, and put a picture of myself, and my son, eating pizza nom nom nom! Its fine, i can have him joined another guild nyisha knows, if is a problem. its for guild perks.. many guilds have a friend and family.. some guilds do not.. its the way of the game.. I typically have no problem getting to know people within the guild.. and yea chat was fun yesterday, the many people who couldnt decide if my avatar was a heart, ass, or cookie.
  5. Lol /Brofist That seems very fair, Ill be leveling with my son, since i cant raid your schedule i see no point in xfering my mains.. I'll be honest, im not much on forum talking. I used to be into it, and would read several boards, and even owned and moderated a populuar guild forum, which also acted as a community public forum for a game called ultimaonline, we included a reallife picture area, where people could upload there photos, and make there own "facebook" like profiles, to communicate, and really show them outside the game.. it was quite fun.. These days tho, with two kids, and work.. Keeping track of forums, just doesnt always fit in.. But i will do my best.. As far as talking in guild chat, when im online leveling, ill talk away.. as long as the conversation warrants it, and you guys arnt raiding. And i figured my son might be a problem, hes 9, but hes will behave, and if not.. ill spank hit butt on Officer orders.. haha.. wait untill my wife finds out im making that deal..
  6. Hello Everyone in South of Heaven! My name is Thalium, in most games i play, which are.. World of Warcraft, GW2, Diablo3, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Combat Arms, and countless other games. Ive played wow since 4 months before BC, ive raided since BC up until a few months after cata's release, then quit. I have since come back, however my main is currently on Gilneas. Hes a monk, by the name of Thallymonk . Im 29 years old, married, with two kids.. figured i would throw that in incase people wanted to know Currently im not raiding since work takes up quite a bit of time, its forcing me to only be able to raid nights during the weekend, so im in the process of putting a weekend raid together on Gilneas. That really has nothing todo with why im posting here, I came to these forums today to introduce myself, as im trying to get my characters which i will name later in this post into South of Heaven. I have several friends here on this server, one of which is in your guild. He goes by the name Nyisha, Nez - Crazy Guy who will say just about anything.. lol The two characters i would like to join into your guild: Thally - i do have one more, i cant think of his name atm.. but i can do that upon being accepted. Thally - My toon ill be leveling on stormreaver, and hes a priest. the other toon is a monk, and my son plays him, ill be leveling with him. Nyisha is the member of your guild, who knows me and will vouch for me.. I dont think ill be able to raid, since your schedules dont involve the weekend, however if you ever do a weekend or early morning raid, there some possibilities.. Thank you for taking time to read this.. Thalium
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