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  1. Application - Shutzu

    Thanks, so far I have been having a ton more fun. I just enjoy looking at this toon so much more than my Elyos version. Seems like a great group and I look forward to the abyss even more so now that I have a group to go with. When I first Deleted my toon I sat in front of the computer thinking to myself . . . what did you just do? But today I'm 100% certain it was the correct move. Thanks again, I choose the white wing for my sig because I thought it sorta looked like it was laying on the ground, lifeless
  2. Application - Shutzu

    Hey guys, Kind of a intresting story here. I played in beta and wanted to play a Asmodian but during head start most servers were full of Asmodian. I thought, well maybe I'll play Elyos since it seems they need some help. I spent the first week or so trying to figure out what server I wanted to call home, didn't get to play much with the login ques and work but eventally I ended up on Lumiel as a Elyos Ranger. Leveled him to 23 and thought I wanted to join " the wolf pack ". Long story short, I had a few run in's with a couple of players, and notice so far Asmodian appears to be behind in the abyss and so today, 10-3-09 I made a quick decision to delete my Elyos and come back to the Asmodian side. Wheew, long winded and at times a run on . . . . but here we are. A bit about myself, im 33 father of two princesses and husband to one queen. I have been playing MMO's for a while, Played a bard in EQ for what seemed forever, Dabbed in DAoC, Warhammer, ultima, Played WoW for what seemed like forever and I love to PvP! So far I really like the ranger class and feel its the right class for me and my play style. In past games I am the kind of guy that starts one toon and sticks them out until retirement. My goal in Aion is to join a solid guild and do some damage in the abyss. I have vent, with a working headset and Mic, I normally have atleast two of my 3 computers running at all times so quick information is always at hand. Im Est and work full time but normally am on in the evenings and weekends. One week out of every month Im on call at work so sometimes I need to log out to take care of that. Any other information that I may have forgotten feel free to shot me a email or whatever. Thanks for considering me, Shutzu