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  1. Wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my friends in SoH.
  2. Just quoting Relent. Disco, I have been playing FE since the closed beta in July, so I have seen the game much, much worse. And therefore, I could appreciate how they have improved the game since then. Like I said, for me, the game has been stable. It could be that I have a lot of hardware to run the game. I can also say that I have been able to complete every quest I have tried. I did all the AP quests in S1 and many of the other quests in S1. I did all the quests in Haven and Thorne Bluff. I did most of the quests in Post 23. So again, for me, the game was working.
  3. Well, Disco, you and I were playing two different games because in general FE has not been a buggy game for me. On top of that, the problems that have been reported, have been fixed. Compared to what I have heard about Aion and their customer support, FE seems like heaven. Actually I would not expect any less from the people that loved L2 since there are similarities. My understanding though is that Aion is not a L2 clone and has somethings that are different. To be honest, right now I am thoroughly hooked on Dragon Age from Bioware, but I will be heading back to FE once I finish the game.
  4. Just stopping by to say: Hi!. GrayVon said that you guys were playing Fallen Earth and just wanted to see how you were doing.
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