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    Professional Photographer, Actor, and Student, raided with Death and Taxes in WoW
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    Landscaping/Groundskeeping at Prestonwood Country Club, Professional Photographer, Usher at Cinemark

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  1. Agreed, I was one of the few employees working there who would actually not pretend to know a product's quality if I didn't know it for a fact.. The manager played favorites with giving out shifts, and the pay was HORRID. I am much happier with the two jobs I have now.
  2. Thanks, again. I hope everyone has been well?
  3. I'm going to post my old app, just for memories sake, and list any changes that may be relevant. Hello! I'm Jokar. I am still named Brandon, and am a Senior in High School. I quit my job at the skateshop and am currently working two jobs at the local country club doing landscaping/groundskeeping , and a job at Cinemark Movie Theatre. I still book many photoshoots on a monthly basis and have been able to pull in a steady income from that passion. The show I had on the 3rd went very well, and not only did the show win Best Show in the area, I got an individual acting award (All-Star Cast). My
  4. Swavorly


    I hit 30 today, finished my keys quest. If anyone needs DPS for Fire Temple, or help finishing their keys quest, hit me up in game. ~Jokar
  5. Swavorly


    Yeah man, it's all good. Like I said before, I wasn't expecting anything, I just want to get to know some of the people in legion, you guys seem like good people.
  6. Swavorly


    Hello! I'm Jokar. I guess I'll start off my introducing myself as a person, not a character. My name is Brandon, and I am currently a Junior in High School. I have a job working at a local skate shop named Zumiez, but haven't been working too much lately, there's a good chance I'm going to quit soon. I am a professional published photographer, and have only been shooting picture for about 3 months, which shows off the fact that when I get addicted to something, I spend most of my time making sure I am the best at it. I am also an actor and actually have a show opening on the 3rd, I am one of
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