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  1. Thanks everyone, I hope to play with you all!
  2. Read and signed! I like that there is a code of conduct, makes everyone a little more thoughtful and civil =)
  3. Hey guys, No problem. I actually play more than than an hour or two tbh, it's probably liken to 3 hours a day. It's a lot more on weekends barring special occasions. For the moment, I'm mostly down for dungeons and just helping people out in general. I do use mumble as well as I had used it for WoW and SWTOR and raided about 3-5 days a week in those times. Also, I was one of the originator collaborators of soloing of Underworld with the Mo/W for ecto. It was a very long time ago, but I do remember when I was soloing that for days on end and when 1 platinum was actually very hard to attain haha. I never played past the first expansion unfortunately, but I did manage to buy the others (I was hoping to farm the skin rewards for GW2, but that never happened =(). If I ever get a chance to revisit it to see if I can at least get the fiery dragon sword, that would be amazing as that was one of my favorites in GW1. My timezone is PST, I'm mainly working in a software company right now so that takes most of my time. When I'm not working/playing GW2, I'll usually be hanging out with my friends and family, but I also enjoy playing basketball and will do that every Tuesday night, so you will normally not see me on that night. I'll usually do research on what I am running so I have a gist of what the dungeon is about or the jumping puzzles. I find myself more of an inquisitive type, so I'll be bold or daring and want to see what new things are in store. I always try to be at my best, but I don't mind wiping in dungeons and will definitely welcome people who are newer to the dungeons, because everyone starts somewhere. The main reasons I may not be on are due to family, friends, and other obligations. But if there are any other questions, I'll definitely answer anything you guys have. I respect that you have been around for 9+ years and that is awesome that you guys have such a history. Hopefully I can add to that history as well =)
  4. Hey everyone, I'd interested in joining SoH, I pretty much play GW2 whenever I get time (So like an hour a day or more). I was playing with Disco when I happened to ask if the guild he was currently in was active and social. I'm an open-minded guy that just likes to chill, do some dungeons, WvW, or anything really. (Although grinding for my legendary is the current thing haha). I used to play WoW, SWTOR, SWG, and GW1, so I have a good amount of MMO experience. My characters are currently on Crystal Desert as well. Please let me know if you need me to do anything for recruitment. Thanks, Arcterus
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